MA-graduate collection 
Justus Kantakoski
Fashion, Collection and Textile Design
Aalto University 
- DIESEL award
- Näytös19 Fashion Show / 29.5.2019, Helsinki
Catwalk photography: Guillaume Roujas 

CASTOR & POLLUX a collection of the ancient myth
The collection tells the tragic story about love and loss of Dioscuri, the twin brothers. It's collection about divinity, death and immortality It's a collection about the constellation known as Gemini. It's a collection about eternity.
 Design and performance: Justus K
Photography: Kanerva Mantila
Photoshoot coordinator and photography assistant: Pilvi Uuttu
Photoshoot assistants: Piera Giordano and Stefano Di Pirro
Special thanks to Villa Lante
The collection funded by the Finnish Culture Foundation and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Maunula Collection / collaboration with visual artist Otto Karvonen
Artists in residence
May 2018 – Aug 2018

Artistic street fashion collaboration with Otto Karvonen
Prodcution: m-cult

The Project was gathering local people and volunteers to work for an artistic collection curated by the artists. 

Hand woven and printed textiles were created together in Maunula, Helsinki and the project was presented at the Helsinki Festival in the Night of the Arts in august 2018.

Artists: Justus K & Otto Karvonen
Production: m-cult
Weaving specialist: Virve Väyrynen
Textile Printing and pattern specialist: Emilia Kuurila
Photography: Jaime Culebro
Design team and participants:

Merja Aro
Linda Backström
Jaime Culebro
Oliver Eagle-Wilsher
Pouram Ebrahimi
Christina Fransas
Jenni Hallikainen
Annika Huvinen
Nina Ingalsuo
Sira Niipola
Maarit Kiviniemi
Outi Luukkonen
Daniel Malpica
Anna Niinimäki
Liisa Nummela
Marja Oksa-Pallasvuo
Tuula Saari
Juha Saitajoki

Justus Kantakoski, Otto Karvonen,
Kaisa Kukkonen, Liisa Nummela, Otto Rokka, Rauno Rönnberg
Special thanks to:
Helsingin työväenopisto
Asukastalo Saunabaari
Suomen lanka

KASKI - paper couture
by Justus K

Photography: Verna Kovanen
Hair: Katarina Eskelinen / Qtime
Make-up: Jenni Salonoja
Models: Nina P and Anna Talvi
Shoes: RARA and Justus K


Fashion atelier collaboration: Hannele Kiema / Nahkastudio Kiema Ky

Collection sponsored by the Finnish Forest Foundation, FILONA
and Papyrus Finland Oy


Justus K for EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Installation / Fashion's Sake exhibition

"For Fashion’s Sake displays the interface between fashion and art and consists of works by thirteen young Nordic fashion designers who are working on the forefront of fashion and either have already reached or are on the cusp of an international breakthrough. The exhibition has been curated by EMMAs Chief Curator Reetta Kalajo."

Design and concept: Justus K

Photography: Timo Nuyman

Pattern Cutter: Suvi Hänninen

Kalliolainen katupartio

Installation / Helsinki Pride 2017

Fabrics for the installation are handmade from recycled textiles donated by local Drag Artists.

Design and concept: Justus K

Photography: Maija Toivanen / HAM

Pattern Cutter: Suvi Hänninen

Funded by Kone Foundation

Collaboration with HAM Helsinki Art Museum,

Helsinki Pride and Ruskeat Tytöt Media.

PEFC Wood Works x Justus K

Installation / Helsinki Design Week

Fabrics for the installation are woven from PEFC certificated paper yarn.

Design and concept: Justus K

Photography: Laura Iisalo

Pattern Cutter: Hannele Kiema

Dressmaker: Suvi Hänninen


Collaboration with HAM Helsinki Art Museum,

OMNIA Espoo and PEFC Finland.


Hand printed experimental textiles 

Design and photography: Justus K


© 2019 by Justus K